William Amponsah talks up winning mentality following triumph in 2022 National Cross Country

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2022 Men’s National Cross Country champion, William Amponsah, insists nurturing a winning mentality has been key to his success.

The 24-year-old, who represented the Central Region, clocked 28:16:71 to finish ahead of 91 other competitors in Saturday morning’s race.

In a race featuring 2020 champion Mohammed Aziz and 2021 winner Basit Afful, Amponsah recorded a time of 1:08:99 better than second-placed Koogo Atia.

The Central Region road-runner revealed that possessing the right mentality was key to his success.

“Consistent delivery is very key. If you dream of conquering and becoming a champion, you must first conquer your fears and doubts and also connect your inner energies,” he told the press after the race.

The 24-year-old also raved about his form.

“Different athletes operate at different levels. If you are in class 2, you can’t be the best in class 4. It is a simple principle. Everybody is within their class and this is my level and my class in the game.”

Meanwhile, he dreams of chalking some global success.

“I hold my own dreams and this dream is propelling me to the highest point which will see me become an international champion,” he added.

This year’s competition forms part of a series of qualification events to select Team Ghana for Accra 2023.