The African Union Sport Council (AUSC)

January 26, 2024
Dr. Decius Chipande

Message from Coordinator, African Union Sports Council – Dr. Decius Chipande

Sport is an area where Africa already excels, mainly through the excellence and good character of its star athletes. Building on this, sport is a tool for the transformation of Africa and its renaissance, at every level of society up to the world stage. The Division promotes the implementation of the Sports Policy Framework as a factor for social cohesion, peace, development, and integration in collaboration with Member States, Regional Economic Communities, and development partners.

The Division promotes participation and excellence, builds capacity, and promotes ethics and values for sport in Africa. The Division works with various stakeholders to provide a dynamic sports environment that enables all Africans to experience and enjoy involvement in sports to the extent of their abilities and interests and to perform consistently and successfully at the highest competitive level.

African Games

For purposes of promoting high performing African Sports Elite and enhancing sporting and cultural exchanges between Member States, a multi-discipline sports competition known as the “AFRICAN GAMES” is hereby instituted under the ownership and patronage of the African Union.

The African Games shall also be organized under the patronage of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) which recognizes the said Games as CONTINENTAL GAMES for African Continent. The African Games shall be the exclusive property of African Union through AUSC who shall hold all rights relating to their organization, exploitation, broadcast and reproduction by any means whatsoever. The African Games shall be celebrated once every four (4) years and one (1) year before the Olympic Games. The maximum duration of the Games shall be fifteen (15) days.

The organization of the African Games shall be governed by rules and regulations enacted by the STC on Youth, Culture and Sport and in conformity with the Olympic Charter. The AUSC shall associate the Association of National Olympic Committees of Africa (ANOCA) and the Association of African Sports Confederations (AASC) in the organization and management of the -African Games. The Special Technical Committee (STC) on Youth, Culture and Sport shall recommend for designation by the Assembly of the Union of a Member State to host the African Games. An Agreement to lay down the organization modalities for each edition of the African Games shall be concluded between AUSC and the Host Country.

Relations between AUSC – ANOCA – AASC

For purposes of enhancing the development of sports and Olympism in Africa and consolidating cohesion among the various structures of the African Sports Movement, the AUSC may recognize as a confederation or a continental association, organizations that either administer one or several sports disciplines in Africa or whose statutes and activities are in conformity with either the AUSC Statutes or the Olympic Charter. In such a case, AUSC may establish co-operation relations with them.Within the framework of the aforementioned provisions, ANOCA and AASC shall be technical and advisory Organs of AUSC.

AUSC may grant ANOCA and African Sports Confederations political support and material assistance necessary for the development of their activities. ANOCA, AASC and associations under their jurisdiction shall recognize the authority and primacy of AUSC over the entire African Sports and Olympic Movement

The African Games Coordination Commission (AGCC)

The African Games Coordination Commission (AGCC) is composed of representatives of the African Union, the Association of National Olympic Committees of African and the Association of African Sports Confederations. The Commission will coordinate the technical and organizational aspects of the 13th edition of the African Games Ghana 2023, and assist the heads of the Local Organizing Committee (LOC), Ghana to fulfill their different functions.

Monthly coordination meetings will convene between the members of the AGCC and LOC Ghana in order to assess the progress made at various levels of the preparatory works for a successful edition of the African Games.source: