Sports Medicine high on the agenda for Medical and Anti-doping sub-committee

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The Medical and Anti-doping Sub-committee of the Accra 2023 Local Organising Committee (LOC) is keen to have a Sports Medicine Department set up at the proposed University of Sports for Development.

Members of the recommendatory body inspected the progress of work and also engaged contractors on both the Borteyman and the University of Ghana – Legon – construction sites on Friday, February 25, 2022.

Ghana will become the first nation in Africa to convert a sporting infrastructure to a university dedicated to running sports programmes.

Members of the Medical and Anti-doping sub-committee interacting with the contractors at the Legon site

The Borteyman facility, a sports-only university, will host all the indoor games during the August 2023 event.

During the engagement with the contractors, the team made several suggestions that encompassed ensuring the health and safety of athletes, officials, and fans who will participate in and watch the Games.

Meanwhile, Dr Prince Pambo, Vice Chairman for the sub-committee, enumerated the importance of establishing a sports medicine department as a faculty of the university.

“It is absolutely impossible not to have the University of Sports for Development without a sports medicine department. We have already identified areas at Borteyman where at the end of everything, there will be [centers] for running a sports and exercise medicine clinic both for academics and also for treating injuries,” he told

“The highest point for us for Accra 2023 is the legacy we are going to leave behind for the country which is the University of Sports for Development. So for us, the only thing we can all look up to is the sports medical facility within the sports university. It is the greatest thing and that gives a lot of us joy.

“If we have to tap in our already existing global network to bring in faculty to help with teaching and other sponsorship programmes, we are ready to do that for the country. So we have already discussed that and made that the inputs straight away,” concluded.

Last month, the African Union’s Technical Committee for the Organisation of the African Games (TCAG) hailed Ghana’s innovative proposal to introduce an African Games Hall of Fame as part of it’s legacy Games.