Precious Nunana Beats Lawrencia Aghoghorbia To Win Aboakyer Invitational Tennis tournament

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Precious Nunana beat Lawrencia Aghoghorbia to lift the Ladies' singles at the 2022 Aboakyer Invitational Tennis Tournament

Precious Nunana beat Lawrencia Aghoghorbia in straight sets to win the 2022 Aboakyer Invitational Tennis tournament.

The young tennis star won 6-1, 7-5 at the National Sports College Court in Winneba on Sunday morning.

Precious Nunana defeated Lawrencia Aghoghorbia to claim the Ladies’ singles title

Despite a slow start from Aghohorbia, the lanky emerging star steadied herself to stretch the second set to a cliffhanger.

The LOC partnered with the Ghana Tennis Federation to stage the tournament in Winneba to climax the celebration of the Aboakyer festival.

Lawrencia Aghoghorbia finished as runner-up after losing to Precious Nunana

Nunana’s road to success

She secured an emphatic 6-1, 6-0 first-round victory over Jessica Adjetey.

The 21-year-old proceeded with a triumphant 6-3, 4-1 win over Cyndy Aidoo in the second.


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