Mouthwatering semi-final clashes slated for Sunday morning – Fadama face Nima

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Nima will take on New Town in the semi-final

High-flying Fadama will come face to face with a well-articulated Nima side in one of the two semi-final fixtures of the African Games Zongo Football Competition.

Fadama also squeezed past Cowlane with a narrow 1-0 win with Danlad Saadu steering home a sublime effort for the game’s solitary goal.

Meanwhile, Nima proved their resilience as they pipped Tudu XI 1-0 with Ibrahim Fuseini hogging the headlines with his impressive display.

Semi-final clashes slated for Sunday morning
Semi-final clashes slated for Sunday morning

In the other fixture, Maamobi, who secured qualification to the semi-final via a 5-4 penalty shootout victory over Sukura, will take on Accra New Town who also sensationally defeated hosts Madina 2-1.

The kick-off time for the first game is at 10.00 AM.


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