Match Report: Maamobi beat Sukura on penalty shootouts to advance – African Games Zongo Football Competition

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Maamobi beat Sukura on penalties

Maamobi have advanced to the next stage of the African Games Zongo Football Competition after beating Sukura 5-4 in an epic penalty shoot.

The regulation time of 60 minutes ended 1-1.

Former Legon Cities attacking midfielder Shamzu Alhassan threw first blood for Maamobi when he steered home a powerful shot from 25 yards at the 25th-minute mark.

Sukura gradually warmed themselves into the game and eventually became the dominant side.

Midfielder Charles Manu pulled parity for Sukura after he ghosted into the penalty area to sweep home a pilled ball just 5 minutes before time.

Both teams missed 2 kicks apiece in their opening 5 takes to send the game to sudden death.

Maamobi eventually won after 7 takes each.


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