Logo & Mascot

January 26, 2024

Brand Mark

The 13th African Games, Accra 2023 brandmark is the most important element of our visual identity. It is the visual embodiment of our brand that people will come to instantly recognise and associate with us.

Cultural Significance: Ghana is characterized by its inherent energetic nature. The athlete and the vibrant yellow colour which signifies energy, vibrance and optimism as seen in the logo, are the spiritual traits of continuous striving and race for Ghana’s national advancement and political independence. As a people, Ghanaians remain devoted and loyal to their nation.

African Connection to Peace and Excellence: Africans from all walks of life will unite on one stage to share their cultures and experiences. The essence of this logo is to bring people together to collectively form the bigger picture; one people with shared values.

The logo consists of seven(7) elements:
 1. African Map
 2. Ghana Map
 3. Racetrack
 4. Black Star
 5. Athlete
 6. Yellow Outer Circle
 7. Wordmark

  •  1. African Map in the centre of the logo, represents the continent on which the games will be hosted as well as African Unity.

  •  2. The Ghana Map on the African map, is the national symbol for the host nation.It bears the national colours: red, gold, green.

  •  3. The Black Star is illustrated on the Ghana Map.

  •  4. The Racetrack which intersects at Ghana from across Africa, is a course on which races are held.

  •  5. The Athlete at the right edge of the African map, represents a racer or competitor.

  •  6. The Yellow Outer Circle encloses all other elements. national symbol for the host nation.It bears the national colours: red, gold, green.

  •  7. The Wordmark, 13th African Games Accra 2023 inscribed on the outer circle of the logo represents the empowerment of the African to take action, be passionate, determined, powerful and most importantly, express his/her love and dedication to his/her nation.


The Mascot for the 13th African Games, Accra 2023 is an Eagle adorned in the Ghana Flag. The Eagle is a symbol for the traditional authority of Ghana and the Flag is a symbol of our Nationhood as a nation, Ghana.

It symbolises everything Ghana, its wealth, royalty, elegance, spiritual purity, unity, honourable achievement and strong family bond. These two items, Eagle and Flag have been chosen to symbolise the spirit and vision of the African Games which are excellence, unity, elegance, peace, development and African culture.

It is widely believed that the Eagle signifies inspiration, victory, longevity, pride, royalty, beauty, bravery, courage, honour, determination and grace. There are important characteristics of the eagle that have been associated with leadership principles. The Eagle is to remind all team leaders, officiating officials, participating athletes and spectators of the need to be visionary, fearless, tenacious and high flyers. The Eagle is often the emblem for powerful nations and many nations have all adopted the image of most of the over sixty (60) species of Eagles around the world as their symbol.

Ghana, a fast developing nation that promotes and respects peaceful co-existence and democratic principles and also believes in the African Union Agenda 2063, “The Africa we Want”, is offering the Eagle, clothed in a sports track outfit of Ghana’s National Flag of Red, Gold and Green with the Black Star as the MASCOT for the 13th African Games, Accra 2023.