LOC set to launch African Games 2022 Sallah Football Competition

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Dr. Kwaku Ofosu-Asare, the Executive Chairman of the Accra 2023 LOC, has explained the rationale behind the African Games' 2022 Sallah Football Competition

The Local Organising Committee for the 13th African Games – Accra 2023 – is set to launch the 2022 Sallah Football Competition.

The launch will come off at the Media Center at the Accra Sports Stadium on Tuesday, 26th April 2022.

Dr. Kwaku Ofosu-Asare, the Executive Chairman of the Local Organising Organising Committee, explained the rationale behind the Sallah Football Competition.

“This is to be part of the Muslims’ celebration of the Sallah to sensitise everybody, particularly the Muslim community about the African Games. We will also use it as an opportunity to identify talents for Team Ghana,” he told

We recently visited the Chief Imam and he warmly received us. He gave us his blessings and prayed for us to successfully host the 13th African Games. We promised that we will be carrying out some sporting activities to mark the Sallah celebration,” he added.

More details to follow after the launch.


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