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The Local Organising Committee(LOC) of the 13th African Games honored the invitation for a meeting from the Sports Writers Association of Ghana (SWAG). The invitation was for the LOC to brief the members of SWAG on the achievements and the preparations made by the LOC since their inauguration. The meeting was held on 1st October 2021 at the media center of the Accra Sports stadium

The Chief Operating Officer of the LOC, Dr. Emmanuel Owusu-Ansah, made the presentation on behalf of the LOC. He updated members of SWAG on work done so far by the LOC. He briefed the media on the following:

  • Host Nation Agreement between Ghana and the African Union.
  • Engagement with national and international stakeholders.
  • Development of website, logo, mascot, and brand identity manual.
  • Secretariat and sub-committee set-up.
  • The adoption of a hybrid system entailed leveraging existing facilities with what will be built at Borteyman.
The Chief Operating Officer Dr. Emmanuel Owusu-Ansah briefing SWAG

Dr. Emmanuel Owusu-Ansah concluded his presentation by encouraging shared responsibility and Teamwork with SWAG for the success in organising the best African Games.

The Deputy Chief Operating Officer of the LOC, Mr. Reks Brobby, informed SWAG that the LOC is in consultation with national and international federations for the required international specification for the construction of the facilities. He added that the LOC is positioning the 2023 African Games as a qualifier for the 2024 Olympic games.

The Executive Chairman of the LOC Dr. Kwaku Ofosu-Asare stated that the 2023 African Games will bring economic, social, and infrastructure development to the country. He urged members of SWAG to take this project to build their capacity in various areas of Sports.

The President of SWAG Mr. Kwabena Yeboah concluded the meeting by assuring the LOC of the full support of SWAG towards the hosting of a successful African Game in 2023.