Lariba Sakat wins 2022 women’s National Cross Country

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Juliana Lariba Sakat has won the 2022 Women’s National Cross Country with an impressive time of 35:07.90.

The 25-year-old, who is from the Upper East region, beat 91 other hopefuls drawn from Ghana’s 16 regions who competed in a heated race in Akim Oda on Saturday morning.

The National Cross Country is an initiative of the National Sports Authority and its main objective is to select a standing national team to compete in the 13th African Games.

This yearโ€™s competition forms part of a series of qualification events to select Team Ghana for Accra 2023.

Sherifa Moro from the Ashanti Region placed second with a time of 35:41:41.

While Titi Rosina from the Upper West Region with Bib number 123 finished third with a time of 35:52:35.

Meanwhile, Naomi Addo of the Ashanti Region rounded up the first four with a time of 36:44:02.

The list of top 10 athletes who competed in the female category of
the 2022 National Cross Country event


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