It’s a great idea to use ex-athletes as influencers to promote Accra 2023- Kadidiatou Kanoute

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The chairperson for the Technical Committee for the Organisation of the African Games (TCAG), Mrs. Kadidiatou Kanoute has lauded Ghana’s initiative to use ex-athletes as influencers for the 13th African Games.

The AU team, comprising of members from the African Union Sports Council and the TCAG has been in Ghana’s capital – Accra, holding a joint meeting with the Local Organising Committee for the Pan-African games.

Various sub-committees of the LOC took turns to apprise the AU team of the activities carried out since being inaugurated in November 2021.

Dan Kwaku Yeboah, chairman of the Media and Communication sub-committee, presented the activities of the subdivisional body to the team and touched on some key strategies devised by the team to raise awareness for the games.

“One of the media and communication strategies is to use national heroes and ex-athletes as influencers to whip up interest in the games,” he said during his presentation to the team.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Kanoute expressed his delight with the idea to use ex-athletes and heroes as influencers for the games.

“I’m very happy to hear that ex-athletes will be influencers and would be asked to contribute their quota towards the success of the games. I was very impressed by what I saw at the Lome Airport. In the transit area, there are photos of Emmanuel Adebayor and Benjamin Boukpeti,” she declared in her submission.

“That is a strong message to send to our athletes that they can be our ambassadors in many scopes. There are added values that athletes can bring in making the games more attractive,” she added.

Dr. Decius Chipande, Penalva Cezar, Lina Kessy, and Mrs. Kadidiatou Kanoute, all members of the AU team, are in Accra holding a joint meeting with the LOC for the 13th African Games towards a successful hosting of the August 2023 competition.