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Under the auspices of His Excellency President Nana Addo Dankwah Akuffo-Addo, Ghana is privileged to host a historic event come 2023. As one of the founding members of the African Games, Ghana will hold this privilege in high esteem as this is the first time the nation is hosting this epic sports event.

 It is a great honor to host an enthusiastic continent in our three major cities: Accra, the nation’s capital, Cape Coast, the colonial-era capital, and Kumasi, the cultural town of the ECOWAS sub-region. The 13th edition of the African games Ghana will witness ten to fifteen days of exciting brains and brawns performances keenly from over 7000 magnificent athletes and coaches from

fifty-four African Countries across over twenty exhilarating sport disciplines. This event will have over 3000 technical officers, journalists, and global celebrities alongside over 5.5 billion TV and online Audience Worldwide. The multi-sport discipline event will be the metric for the qualification of some Olympic games discipline in Paris in 2024.

We are ready to offer Africa an experiential game that will provide memories to last a lifetime for all contingents and dignitaries. This is Ghana’s time as one of the founding nations of the Games. We offer to host the 60th Anniversary celebrations of the Games (1965 – 2025) at the 13th African Games in 2023. Our mandate is to host an event that will lead to a positive rivalry among African youth and project a united Africa to the world. 2023 African games will seek to promote Africa’s art and culture, which is consensus will lead to socio-economic development across the continent. We extend an invitation to you all to come to Ghana for the experience of a

lifetime. Let us celebrate our excellence the African way and share our passion at the center of our time because IT’S OUR TIME.