Finance and Ticketing sub-committee impresses AU team

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The chairperson for the Technical Committee for the Organisation of the African Games (TCAG), Mrs. Kadidiatou Kanoute has praised the chairman of the Accra 2023 LOC Finance and Ticketing sub-committee.

Captain Rtd. Andrew Sam, chairman of the Finance and Ticketing sub-committee, delivered a presentation to the four-member AU team led by Mrs. Kanoute who chaired the joint meeting at the Alisa Hotel in Accra on Sunday afternoon.

Sam, who was the Deputy Chief Operations Officer in charge of Ticketing and Finance at the 2008 AFCON hosted by Ghana, appraised the AU team of the activities of the subdivisional body, budgeted activities, and some of the challenges facing it.

Mrs. Kadidiatou Kanoute delivering her response to Captain Rtd. Andrew Sam’s presentation at the Alisa Hotel in Accra. SUNDAY – February 13, 2022.

Mrs. Kadidiatou Kanoute praised the efforts of the sub-committee following a detailed Powerpoint presentation by the chairman.

“I would really like to congratulate Mr. Andy Sam and the team for the great work they have done already in such a short time,” she said on behalf of the LOC, TCAG, and the AUSC.

“We are pleased to see the level of expertise and I think it is very important. We are here to see the plan, we are here to see the challenges and we are here to see the teams deliver. We are happy to hear what you have put together. Thank you very much for such a comprehensive report. We look forward to working together,” she said in her response to the presentation by Captain Rtd. Andy Sam.

Meanwhile, Mr. Penalva Cezar who is a member of the AU team, in his submission also joined the chorus to praise the chairman, describing his presentation as a brilliant piece.

The Finance and Ticketing sub-committee has the mandate of the LOC to manage and monitor its finances as well as handle all ticketing at the Games venues.