Dan Kwaku Yeboah chairs the Media and Communication sub-committee

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Dan Kwaku Yeboah, a member of the Local Organising Committee of the 13th African Games, dubbed Accra 2023, has been appointed as the chairman of a seven-member Media and Communication sub-committee.

The renowned broadcaster chairs the committee of nine whose mandate is to ensure that the August 2023 pan-African event gains traction through the development and implementation of various media and communication strategies.

Some of the key terms of reference (TOR) of the sub-committee is to produce and execute the media and communication manual for the games, to develop and oversee implementation of innovative internal and external communication strategies, produce a quarterly newsletter, and manage relations by establishing links with both local foreign media and provide regular reports and press releases.

The Vice-chairman of the committee is Mr. Ahmed Osumanu Halid.

Other members of the committee are Ms. Eva Okyere – an astute legal practitioner with a strong media background having previously worked with several top-notch media organisations in the West African nation.

Below are other members of the sub-committee

Mr. Emmanuel Akyereko Frimpong

Ms. Juliet Barwuah

Mr. Emmanuel Yeboah-Darko

Mr. Maurice Quansah

Ms. Rosalind Amoh

Dr. Moses Ayitey Okine


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