In the previous publication, the benefits for a nation hosting the African Games were discussed under political, economic, social and cultural remits.

This article will focus on the President’s legacy for the 13th African Games, Accra 2023.

The literature is replete with stories and examples of mega sporting facilities that were used for international sporting events having become white elephants after the Games.

However, the Games to be hosted by Ghana would be an exception, because conscious efforts are being made under the directive of President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to transform the facilities that are being built at Borteyman into a University of Sport for Development.

This is one of the key mandates given to the Local Organising Committee (LOC) for the 13th African Games by the President.

Sport for Development in simple terms is the intentional use of sport to achieve and address development and peace objectives – sport and play based methodology.

In this wise, it is the second largest wing of modern sports.

There is no University dedicated to this area of study in the whole of Africa, and arguably in the world.

Therefore, the University of Sport for Development to be established in Ghana after the African Games would be unique.

This visionary idea of the President will facilitate teaching and learning and research for the benefit of Africa and the entire globe.

This will inure to Regional, Continental and Global development agenda in line with the ECOWAS, Agenda 2063 of the Africa Union (i.e., the Africa we want) and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The LOC has put in place a Legacy Sub-committee solely for the establishment of this University.

The Sub-Committee with the approval of the LOC has started putting together the curricula, the process for accreditation and other related requirements.

The University will also fill the gap by running short, diploma and degree courses in diverse areas in sport that are not easily accessible to students and practitioners in Ghana, the sub-region and the continent as a whole. Courses such as Sports Management, Sport Marketing, Sport Law, Injury Management, Event and Facility Management, Policy Design and Strategic Management in Sports, among many others.

This is going to be a landmark and a legacy worth emulating.

The other benefits for establishing the University of Sport for Development would have the sporting facilities serve as a legacy for training, competition and tournaments towards sport development and sport tourism for instance.

In view of the fact that the facilities being built at Borteyman would be of international standard, they will also serve as the basis for a high-performance center.

Additionally, with the upgrade of the University of Ghana Sports Stadium, Rugby field and five hostels, this will leave a permanent mark on the University of Ghana campus in terms of infrastructure upliftment.

Indeed, the Legacy for the Accra 2023-African Games will indeed benefit generations to come.